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4 Symptoms of Food Poisoning

Nowadays, we are not getting hygienic food and people are also not aware that what they are eating. The world is full of smoke, dust, pollution, and foods are not being prepared in the right place because of that we are seeing so many people are getting a foodborne illness. Food Poisoning is basically caused due to harmful pathogens that are added in your food. Foodborne contains a chemical, toxin, and it is all like a virus, bacteria, and parasite, this will lead to adverse effects in your body. If you have any of the symptoms in your body, this will cause to gastrointestinal disease. The signs of food poisoning are vomiting, dehydration and severe stomach pain.

You are all thinking that how long does food poisoning lasts, it will take a maximum of 16 to 24 hours. In this article, we are going to brief four common symptoms of Food Poisoning. In many situations, Food poisoning leads to be severe death, for that make sure that you have to get a medical check-up on a weekly basis.

Four Symptoms of Food Poisoning and what are remedies that you have to take care of your food

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  • Firstly, Vomiting or Nausea is the most common symptoms of food poisoning

How long does food poisoning lasts? Vomiting is the most common symptoms that people can find easily, whether he or she got food poisoning before that nausea reacts quickly and it will cause infection, overeating and stomach lining. These symptoms happen when you are food is not digested properly and that food is expelling from your mouth. If this happening for several times you need to go for check up to a doctor or you can eat olives or lemon that can keep you calm the pain in the stomach and it will release excess fluid. Cola syrup is the best remedy that you can come out of this problem.

  • Secondly, Dehydration that you will find in food poisoning

Normally this will happen when your body has lost so much fluid and that cannot function normally.  If dehydration occurs that will lead to severe symptoms. For instance, it will decrease your output of urine that will turn to amber color or yellow, low blood pressure, fever, hypotension, and Dizziness. If you went to the doctor, they will check up a few tests an take your urine samples.

  • Headache is the third most symptoms that normally seen in Food Poisoning.

Usually, the headache will occur due to work pressure or emotional stress or that can result from a migraine or anxiety. This will also happen when you are not eaten hygienic foods and also you eat Gobi, Samosa and some junk foods.

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  • Lastly Diarrhea

Diarrhea will find when you have more than five bowel movements than normal. In our body, the max of three bowel movements should be there if it is exceeding it will lead to severe problem. So, keep maintaining below four. Keep drinking of water because it will form new electrolytes and that will charge up the body from food poisoning.

Hope the above information is useful and you can get an idea of how long does food poisoning lasts. Thanks for reading our article.

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