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Keep your favorite things safe with BUI.
BUI Insurance offers affordable, quality renters insurance coverage. Do all renters need Renters Insurance? Well, as a renter, it is important to protect your personal belongings, like furniture, TVs, clothing, electronics, etc., from fire, theft, and natural disaster. In addition, you’ll be protecting yourself from any liability related claims. Without renters’ liability coverage, you could be putting your savings, equity and future earnings at risk in the event of a lawsuit.

Personal Property Insurance – Personal property coverage (usually at replacement cost) protects your valuables, such as furniture, electronics, clothes, etc.

Personal Liability Coverage – Personal liability coverage protects you from costs when you’re deemed legally responsible for injury done by the insured to a Third Party, or damage done to their property

Additional Content Coverage – Additional contents coverage can protect valuables such as jewelry, antiques and fine art

Loss of Use Coverage – “Loss of use” coverage can help cover additional living expenses such as temporary housing in the case of a covered loss

Guest Medical Payment – Guest medical payment can help cover the medical expenses for your guests if they are injured on your property/



Question: Does your landlord’s insurance cover your personal belongings?

Answer: No. Your landlord’s insurance is to protect the overall structure and any liability-related claims against them.

Question: Will I get a discount by bundling my auto and renter’s policies?
Answer: Yes. Some carriers give up to a 15% discount on your insurance.

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